Nothing much to report today.  Refilled the syrup on the split hive I acquired from Juile (they are thirsty!)  I hope this means they are busy building comb inside.  They still seemed agitated and overly active, so I didn’t open them up this afternoon.  Maybe tomorrow I will check for queen activity.  Tonight I plan to spend some time cleaning up an old deep and frames to use in case I receive more swarm calls.  I like the size of the nuc for doing this, but right now it still has the last swarm living in it until I get time to transfer it.  Hopefully a few days of settling into the nuc frames will cause them to consider them home so when I move them to a 10 frame hive they will stay put.



Well, the weather was much better for bees today.  I think we hit 96 with moderate wind.  I decided to move the nuc to Mom & Dads property today to let them adjust to their new home.  I hated to move them so quickly, but my gut told me to get them out there, so I did.  They filtered into the box fairly early in the evening which worked well for Shannon and myself to deliver them to their new home.  The 5 acres my parents live on should provide ample food and water.  My only concern this year is the GMO wheat that is around them right now.  I hope they tend to stay busy with natural habitat on the five acres with honeysuckle, clover and such, but I’m not sure they heard me when I told them not to go too far from home.  I feel that I should probably transfer this colony to a full 10 frame hive very soon.  Probably as soon as they completely draw out the 5 frames in the nuc.  I think they will need to space for brood rearing and also for ventilation.  I don’t think my rendition of the nuc gets much ventilation.  I designed it to catch swarms and transport, not as a permanent or overwintering nuc.

The other hive that is still at my house in town looks somewhat promising, judging from the entrance anyway.  There is a fair amount of foraging.  They have not only discovered my syrup feeder on top of their hive, they have consumed 1/2 gallon each day since I placed it there.  I hope they are using the close food source to draw comb.  I have not taken another look into this hive.  I felt like I had disturbed them enough and needed to back off.  I may take a look early this week.  If I cannot find a queen or new eggs, I am going to try to score a frame of eggs from another beekeeper if possible.  I need this hive to get going.  The clock is ticking on the season, and so far mother nature has given us little to no moisture.  It could be a tough summer for the bees.  I hope I don’t have to spend a fortune on syrup and supplements to pull them through.

The five stings I took to the knee area last week STILL itch!  My body does not care for being stung.  My throat doesn’t close up, but my skin seems to take about a week to forget about having been stung.  Like I told Julie a few days ago, it seems that once I open a hive, immediately I forget everything I know and have read about bees.  I get mesmerized and do dumb things almost every time.  I really must get better at this soon.