Great Swarm Grab!




My luck may be changing.  I just grabbed this swarm from Mom & Dad’s place just north of Augusta.  I only have one very weak hive on their property so I am certain these bees are not from that hive.  This swarm was actually close to the location of the placement of my hives from last year.  I am now wondering if one of my hives swarmed last year, settled somewhere in a hollow tree that I have not seen, and then swarmed from that hive this season.  Either way, I was thrilled to get the call from my Dad.  He was mowing and happened to look up and see a soccer ball sized swarm hanging from a tree about 10 feet up.  Luckily, by the time I got there the bees had settled much closer to the ground on the trunk of two trees.  I wish I had taken a full 10-frame hive to put them in, but instead only had a 5 frame nuc.  I placed two frames of drawn comb in the nuc box to leave them some space for a day or two until I can make it back out there with a full size langstroth.  More pics to come… and video… if I can figure it out.  

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