SCKHPA Spring Meeting

We had a great turnout today out at Bill & Candy’s place.  The day started with a one hour meet and greet.  It’s always good to see what everyone has been up to and just talk bees.  I spent some time with a great family I met last year, the Osborns.  I also had some good talks with B.E. Hopper and Gerry, Libby, Chuck and of course, Bill Vinduska.  Bill and Candy have a wonderful property.  They are very generous to allow our group to take over their home and apiary.

Today, we viewed excellent demonstrations.  Ivan shared some great tips & tricks that he has picked up over his many years as a beekeeper.  We then got the low down on kenyan top bar hive construction and management from Britt Hopper.  Bill showed us how he renders beeswax.  Then after Candy arrived back at the apiary with bee packages, Bill demonstrated how to install a package.  And lastly, a handful of us took a walk out to the bee yard.  A cool front was moving in with an overcast situation and the bees let us know they weren’t happy.  Several of us were reminded what a sting feels like.

All in all, we had a great time and enjoyed eating lunch together… served from the VInduska honey kitchen.  These folks are all top notch and I couldn’t ask for a greater group of like minded beekeeper friends.  Thanks SCKHPA.Image

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