The Latest Buzz

Well, the bees are active to say the least.  The hived swarm has a laying queen and lots of bees.  They were so crowded that I went ahead and added a second deep to give them room to expand.  It already has eggs and will be exploding within a month.  They were so bored that they had already attached some comb to the inner cover.  There were already eggs there as well.  

The split hive that I took took out to Mom & Dad’s was close to being honey bound so I gave them another deep as well.  It had a laying worker so I sprayed them with syrup and introduced them all.  There weren’t enough bees to worry about doing a newspaper combine. There was already at least 30 pounds of honey in their one box.  I think they had actually removed some eggs in order to store more honey.  I have a bit of a mess in this box.  I only used nine frames in their first box.  I thought they were all fully drawn, but they have built another thin comb on each side of the two outer frames.  I also added the few bees that were left from a previously acquired swarm that was queenless and failing.

I am still feeding both hives, but at 1 gallon per day per hive, I may stop soon.  I would like to keep feeding to induce comb and brood production, but there is plenty of nectar flow right now that they are missing out on.  I may begin to wean them off the juice this week and leave them to mother nature’s buffet.  Sorry no photos or video this time.  I was just too busy moving things around.

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