2014 Summer Harvest


I apologize for the slow posts this season.  I’m not sure how any beekeeper would ever have time to keep up with a blog at the same time.  I would consider this season a success.  From my two strong hives, I pulled a total of 76 pounds of honey.  I wish I could have filmed the fight.  Several times I thought the bees might actually beat me.  Bees just don’t understand what’s happening when you take their honey.  It seems sort of cruel, but I feel confident that I left my two hives plenty of honey and plenty of time to collect honey stores to get them through the winter.  And while I do not feed while the honey supers are on the hives, I will offer some supplemental food in the late fall/winter.  Thank you to everyone who has purchased a bottle of my honey this season.  I really appreciate your business.  This has been an expensive but very interesting journey and I do plan to keep it going.


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