A swarm that I caught on 5-1-14 and brought home.

A swarm that I caught on 5-1-14 and brought home.

My name is John Whiteker and yes, I keep bees.  This is my second full season.  My first was year was a success… until late winter.  Kansas had an extremely harsh and up-and-down winter.  That fact combined with my first season “hands-off” approach led to the demise of a weak colony that I purchased as a package, and an extremely strong hive that froze/starved in the last two weeks of the unpredictable winter.  I have been advised to not get discouraged, especially since I got a late start with both hives and I only had the two.

This is a new season, but due to the fact that it causes me great pain to purchase bees, I have vowed to only acquire local bees either from swarm collection or cut-outs.  I am surrounded by some great fellow beekeepers and we constantly bounce ideas off one another.  Humbly, this season, I find myself more of a student instead of a teacher.  I think I may have actually spent too much time researching before I got started.  Beekeeping is something that really requires a mentor or trial and error.  Someone writing a book on beekeeping in the south may not work at all for a beekeeper in a northern state.

My intent with this blog is to provide a safe place for inspiring beekeepers to stop by and see what’s happening with beekeepers here in central Kansas.  Hopefully it will help someone else avoid some of the struggles I have endured.

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  1. Hi john, I stumbled across your videos on YouTube, I am from augusta ks. I recently got into beekeeping. I enjoyed reading about experiences with bees.


    • Hey Britt. Glad you found the videos. I actually talked to you once earlier this spring about possibly keeping bees. Have you decided to take the plunge? If you want to talk to several beekeepers today, swing by the Kansas Honey Producers booth at the Kansas State Fair. 🙂


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