I just can’t win



Deep frame filled with nectar/honey.


Deep frame packed with nectar/honey. Queen-less hive.


Well, after giving the girls a break for a few days, I decided to open up the hive that was a split that Julie and I made from her strong hive.  Unfortunately, there is no queen and no sign of eggs.  So she either wasn’t viable, or she took a mating flight and never returned.  My only saving grace right now would be to get a new queen.  I’m sure if I was lucky enough to find one this late in the season, I may run out of nurse bees and the hive could be lost anyway.  I am hoping for another strong swarm to add to them, but my phone hasn’t been ringing much this season.

On the plus side, those bees are working away packing honey in every cell of my the deep hive.  They already have some capped honey stored in upper corners.  So I suppose even if I lose this hive, I may have enough honey to last my family through the summer.  I really hate to lose this hive, but we sort of knew it was a long shot.  What a truly humbling hobby this has been for me.  All money out… no money in.  Maybe I should have set it up as a business so I could claim my losses this season.

I took some feed out to my swarm nuc last night.  I didn’t open them up but the activity looked good.  I saw them bringing in pollen.  I always take that as a good sign, but only time will tell.  I hope to check the nuc for a queen this weekend and transfer them into a deep hive if the weather cooperates.

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